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Android Relays

Android Relays

Standard Android Relay

Android Relays

Android Relay

All The Features You Need...

  • Wi-Fi version Works with our IORelay TCP App to give you Wi-Fi Access
    - High Speed LAN & Internet Communications
    - Global Access from your mobile device (static IP Address required)
    - You must be connected to your Local Area Network unless you are controlling the relays over the internet
  • Bluetooth Version Works with our IORelay BT App to give you Direct Wireless Access
    - High Speed Bluetooth Relays
    - Control up to 8 Relays using the BT App
    - You must be paired to the Relay Controller you wish to control
  • Supports multiple users
  • No Custom Programming Needed

Android Relay ProXR Lite
Android Remote Relay Controller

Android Relay communicates and are controlled by Android phone or tablet over a WiFi (WLAN) connection or the internet through either your 3g, 4g, or a properly configured Local Area Network connection or directly through a Bluetooth connection. This means the free Android app can allow you to control your electronic devices from your cell phone or tablet.

Android Relay Options

Android Relays are available with SPDT 5, 10 and 20 amp,
SPST 30 amp relays installed. 

Android Relay App

The Android relay app is available in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth versions.  The apps are free and can be downloaded from the
Google Play Marketplace.

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Choose the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi version of Android Relay and you will be able to control relays with an Android Cell phone or tablet.


More Android Relay Options

Find the board you need by using the interactive menu to he right.  Hover over the Button and select the number of relays you want installed.  Once there simply select the board with the correct amperage for the item you are switching.